Image & Action

Sometimes a picture says 1,000 words; sometimes one can change the course and purpose of your life.  This is a picture of Iliya, a 16 year old child killed playing soccer when his school was bombed and his father clinging to him desperately one last time before they are separated forever.  As a father my heart and soul broke for this man.  Losing a loved one to violence is a tragedy with which we can all empathize.  
Michael Waltzer’s seminal work Just and Unjust Wars, defines a “Just War ” among other things as one governed by rules forbidding the intentional use of violence against non-combatants.  That is not what is happening in this conflict.  In fact, killing civilians is an integral part of the Russian Military’s strategy.  Ukrainian Armed Forces target command posts and supply lines; the Russian Military targets shopping malls, high-rise apartment buildings, and shelters for children even when the word “children ” is visible from space.  Every inch of liberated land reveals these horrors: mass graves of innocent civilians of every age showing evidence of tourture and sexual assault.

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